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Jul 19, 2012
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mY CHICKENS ARE INFESTED WITH MITES! I bought Garden and poutry dust. Can I use it in their bedding if I feed them in their hutch?. Will there eggs be ok to eat? I hate using pesticides, but they have them BAD!
How many chickens do you have? Yes you can use Sevin in the bedding AFTER you remove it and start with fresh clean bedding!
It would be best to isolate ALL the birds together...bathe each one and then put them in the fresh clean coop with poultry powder in it.

IF it is impractical to bathe dust em" good etc..etc..
I only have 5 chickens , so I planned on dusting each one,letting them out in the yard and then cleaning the coop , dust the coop ant put new bedding down. Does that sound ok, or too much dust? They are really infested.
Well, If they were my chickens I would bathe and blow dry eachone to get rid of the buggers ASAP! Plain old original blue colored DAWN dishsoap for bathing and then a nice blow dry "spa" with you... Still dust down the coop real good...

THEN: purchase FRONTLINE PLUS for medium sized dogs and put one drop under each wing. REPEAT every 2-3 months and you will not have to go thru this mega mess again LOL

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