Garlic and Oregano use in poultry

I have used oregano on my birds to treat canker. I put some on a q-tip and dab the canker with it. I have always had much success with this method. I’ve heard that it is an herb you can grow for them as well, that’s it’s good for them. I don’t know about garlic, but I’m pretty sure (above poster said that she gives it to her girls) that it would fine. My chickens have never had any.
Oregano has escaped and grows 'wild' here, along with some mints. And tansy from the previous owner, which I tear out whenever possible. At least nobody wants to eat it and get poisoned!
Garlic, etc; too good to feed to the chickens!
I have found that marinating a chicken from the insides out proved unsatisfactory. Instead place your garlic and oregano directly into your stew pot.
I am not totally sure but I think that they mean to be fed to the live birds... as like a supplement to diet. That’s what I assumed.

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