Gasping Chicks?


12 Years
Dec 15, 2007

We have a couple of 4 week-old New Hampshire Red chicks in the brooder. I noticed they keep "gasping". It's getting very hot here in our country(we live near the equator) and summer season is already on its way. We have a 10-watt bulb in the brooder. At night, we cover the brooder with rugs and sacks to make it extra warm. Is it getting too hot for the chicks? I'm afraid we can't afford a thermometer...... The "gasps" that the chicks make are somewhat similar to the gasps that older chickens make. Their beaks are opened, their tongues a little visible, and their throats keep moving for breathing. They do not seem to be sick - eating, drinking and very(!) playful. I haven't given them treats yet.

Thanks in advance!
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Thank you! It's really getting hot in here - I need to get some juice and ice cream. Maybe I'll give the chickens a little bath. Oh, and how do you cool the water? Should I put ice or get cold water from the fridge?

Thanks in advance!
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If you want, you can mist the chicks a bit but I wouldn't give them a bath. That can cause them to chill and get sick. As for ice water, I mean put ice in their drinking water or in a bottle so they can lay against it.
Many thanks to you all! Thanks also for saving the chicks from me! I'll let them dust bathe instead. I"ll put an ice cube right away!
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