gate for a-frame run--how to do


8 Years
Dec 17, 2011
I built an a-frame run 8x16. SCREWED 2X4s between the a-frames at 48 inches and lagged them into 4x6 foundation timbers. Worked very very well.........I also ran a doubled 2x4 ridge board supported by 2x8 gussets and horizontal 16 foot 2x4s that fit into noches cut in a-frame w circular saw. Will post pics next week

todayI will build a gate into a-frame end. This A-frame end unit is actually is actually doubled 2x4s screwed together with a 2x8 gusset supporting the ridge pole...big and robust and 7 feet tall. My thought is to create a header of doubled 2x4s cut at same angle as a-frame walls..........lag them inside the A-frame giving me a rock solid horizontal upper frame for gate..........then build a rectangular 2x4 frame for rest of gate and lag that into 4x6 foundation timbers and into the newly created horizontal header

Looking for suggestions or tips for anyone who has done something similar

florida gramps building coop and run for big cyg..........10 hens moved in last night.........we will block nests until they figure out how to use roosts

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