Geese Babysitter???


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Oct 22, 2012
Hi all,

Just have a query......
my 3 pet geese are friendly towards my sister and I
but I was thinking......if we ever have to go away (
who can look after them?!
They certainly don't like strangers, it's not like they can be shipped off to geese hotels (is there any?!)

wondering if anyone's had experience
I have 4 husband and I took off for a week and I had our oldest grandson here to take care of our menagerie...4 geese, 7 chickens, 12 alpacas and 7 house cats
(what were we thinking!!)

Anyway, I had him here for several weekends so that Clyde (my gander) would get used to him being around and not attack him, and it all worked out pretty good. I was more worried about Clyde than I was all the other animals. Everyone else doesn't care who feeds them, as long as someone does! But Clyde is the Tasmanian Devil around here with anyone he does not know.

If you have someone who you think you might consider having them take care of them, you might just introduce them and let your geese get to know who they are. All our neighbors know his name and when they come on the property they call him by name and it makes him think he should know them, lol...

Just my thoughts and experience with this part of it all

I have a neighbor friend take care of my animals when hubby and I go out of town together. She joined me for afternoon chores one day before our 1st trip away and has had no problems with babysitting.

If a good neighbor is hard to find, another option is to go to local feed store or vet clinic and look for flyers for people who take care of horses for people when they go out of town. More than likely, they would be capable of caring for geese too.
Very good question! I think you want to look for someone with experience with geese, particularly someone who knows how to handle a charging gander. Checking with the feed store is a good idea - hadn't thought of that. I was thinking, last resort, posting on craigslist and then checking their credentials (seeing if they own geese or how they handle yours in a test run), yes there are some sketchy people that use c-list, but there are "regular folks" on there too (me!)

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