11 Years
Feb 7, 2008
East Tennessee
I just found a couple hours ago one of my Sebastapol geese with a partialy severed/broken lower bill. Has anyone encounted this before - It has quit bleeding - tried water proof tape - didn't work - it digs at it with its feet - any suggestions would be most helpful = no pic's available - battery dead on camera - can't find cord....

I am fearful it will keep digging at it and tear it off - about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of lower bill/beak. If this happens, can it survive - I did put antibotic ointment on it for infection........????
I hope someone can help! Praying hard!!!! Keep us posted!! Poor thing!!!
Sorry to hear about your goose.

Several weeks ago, we had an embden goose that got her head stuck in the fence and broke her jaw. We took her to the vet, but there was nothing they could do, it was just too bad. The vet did tell us that she could possibly had made it if it were just her bill, but it was broken too far back.

Can you put her someplace where she can stay still and quiet? Maybe just watch her a couple of days and see if she starts to eat a little?

Good luck. I hope she recovers!!
Thanks everyone - I left her/him with it's mates - two other geese - it stressed it too much to remove it from the pen - they have been together since they were hatched - it's resting quietly with the other two. As I stated earlier - it is just about at most 1/2 inch of the lower beak - I am hoping if it does come off that it can survive - it does not appear to be in any pain and was quite calm when we tried to help it.
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Has the bleeding completely stopped? Good idea about putting him back with his mates. They are bonded and you'll most likely cause him to do more damage if you separate him as they bring him comfort. I was thinking...I know that septic powder works well to seal off bleading on a nail that's cut too short. But that stuff only works so well sometimes, especially for a beak. But did you know that if a nail or beak is cut into the life that a piece of bar soap works wonders! It acts as a cork to seal off the blood and remains on the area longer because of it's substance, and heck, it even keeps the area clean!
That's all you do is scrape a small chunk of bar soap and pack it into the cut area. But I guess if it's no longer bleeding, it might be best to leave it alone. Keep us posted on how he's doing!
I would think if it is only the bottom 1/2 cut that it would be fine in time. I have seen parrots worse than that survive. You may want to keep a deep dish full of food for it so it can scoop it up easier.
I hope that he is fine, and recovers.

last summer my toulouse geese were swimming in my pond, I heard screaming and went out. They were walking around the yard, and one of my females had her whole top beak ripped off up into her sinus cavity. Needless to say, I had to put her to sleep. That was so horrible.
could you try making a neck cone for him so he can't get to the beak but still eat. I know this might be a little off for a suggestion, but what about that no bandade stuff/liquid skin they have. Could you put a little of that on the under side of the beak to try and keep it together. I would say maybe a weak form of super glue, but dont' wanna poison the bird either if it happen to ingest some of the glue.
Probably not the best ideas, but if all else fails, maybe they could work (short term uses)....

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