General excitement and question on weird egg laying


May 3, 2020
South Central Kansas
My chicks hatched on April 27th, and yesterday on November 26th (just shy of 7 months), my Amercauna laid her very first egg! I've never seen a blue egg in real life and it is even prettier than in pictures. Wow!! Such a great Thanksgiving surprise and I'm still sooo happy about it!

One of my ladies, a Speckled Sussex, laid her very first egg at exactly 5 months on September 27th. And then... nothing.. and nothing... until this morning November 27th, exactly 2 months later, she laid her second egg. It had a little blood on it and was very pointy. I never saw any signs of her being egg bound, just free loading. Does anyone know what's going on with her? How unusual is this? I live in south central Kansas so we are going through shorter days and colder days now.



I cant believe I took this picture!!
Sometimes a little blood is normal. As long as it doesn’t happen a lot I would not personally be too concerned. If she’s eating, drinking, and just generally chickening then just keep an eye on her. Congrats by the way! Oh, and eggs do actually come in a lot of weird shapes, they aren’t uniform like I thought they’d be when I started😂

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