egg behavior

  1. C

    No Eggs Yet? 9 months old

    Hoping for some advice, I have 5 chickens and no eggs. They're all 9 months or older and it just seems odd. I know some can take up to a year, I have a Brahma, Easter Egger, Ameracauna and 2 silkies. They do free range but I've checked the places they usually hang out and no eggs. The only...
  2. BestDiscoMan13

    What’s the cutest chicken Breed?

    What’s a Cute chicken breed that’s somewhat small sweet and nice. It’s because I want a cute chicken that’s some what small sweet and nice and doesn’t fly that much/high. Comment what breeds you think are cute sweet and kid friendly.
  3. Watermeat

    Long bloody strand in egg

    I understand that its normal for there to be a blood spot in an egg, but I was a little concerned to find this much blood in an egg. I have no males in my flock, so it couldn't be a baby. I just want to know if this is okay and there's nothing wrong with my girl.
  4. crazyoillady


    Hi everyone, I am new to chicken raising, and have a couple questions.. 1) what is the average age a hen will begin to lay? 2) how often do they lay? 3) How long after you stop the medicated feed, can you begin to eat the eggs? I have 4 hens, 1 White leghorn,3 Rhode Island Reds.. They are 4...
  5. emu6200

    EMU EGG Whistling and making noise in the egg

    Hi I have an amu egg and it is at day 50 which is when it's supposed to hatch. The emu just peeped at me and right now it is making a weird noise inside the egg. It kind of sounds like when someone blows bubbles under water. What should I do? Should I make a safety hole? It was peeping every...
  6. DragonParadigm

    Overeager Egger.

    I got all my FRESH eggs in a basket. And now one is about to hatch. Holy hen. Was not prepared for this. I bought a whole set of 14 fresh & fertile eggs off of a “neighbor” and never thought to candle them. I just stuck them all pretty-like in my Brinsea maxi ii advance and all of a sudden I...
  7. dehowery

    Chicken stop laying

    I don't know what I am doing wrong ! We have a black copper maran who finally started laying , she was almost 7-8 months old. She did great up untill the 25th of last month. We haven't seen an egg from her since. She was laying every 2 days one day off. We know she is healthy , their food is...
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