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    Ok I couldn't resist putting a few eggs in the bator as soon as I turned it on, but it went clear up to113 for a day and I didnt get it down for 3 or 4 now it has stabilized at 99.5 in th water wiggler. Are they done for sure, and should I throw them out befor they explode? I don't get the candling thing- I don't see anything but variations in the shell- used amini mag light w/ a Krypton bulb brown and green eggs. Also can I have too many roos and not get fertil eggs? Most of the ones we eat have been fertile. Second question our bantam silver spangled hamburg laid its first egg today, but the roo died Dec. 6th [​IMG] Can the egg still be fertile?
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    Hi OH,
    Let's see - it would be an absolute miracle if your eggs were to develop with temps that high. That said, you could leave them in the bator for a few days and see if you can see any development (or if you smell anything nasty!) It's better to start your bator many days in advance of setting eggs so that you can get everything stabilized.

    It's not likely that too many roos is lowering your fertility. Of course, anything's possible, but unless the roos are abusing your girls and the girls are hiding from them, you're probably fine.

    It's possible that your pullet eggs are still fertile, but not very likely. You could always break one open and see.

    Candling - I've used a minimag before and you really can't see very well with them. Try a flashlight with an LED bulb - I bought one for about $15 at Big 5 Sporting Goods and I can see very well with it. Candling brown and blue/green eggs is not always easy. I think once you have seen the veining that you would look for in the early developmental stages (3-4 days), you'll get the hang of it. It's pretty cool to be able to watch the embryos develop.

    Hope this helps,

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