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11 Years
Nov 4, 2010
my farm South Alabama
Because of a predictor kill last winter, I was left with the one hen and one rooster. White Bramma, coo coo moran cross. Good egg layers. I bought a Brinsea incubator. It really works! I had a bumper crop of new chicks. For the first time ever I had to process some for meat. Now some of the new crop is ready to integrate. That old hen and roo are so dominant. Even killing one baby. But I built a new aria adjacent to the main one, so they can get used to one another for a week or too before moving them in. The hen is old. Like 2-3 years. Egg laying has fallen off some. Maybe moving new birds in has caused her stress. The choice is to get rid of the old hen, and maybe even the roo, as there are plenty more. But the old roo is so docile and gentle to me, but not so the new ones. They dominate the feed when its put out. I hate to admit to sentimental attachment, but I have grown used to them. Has anyone had to get rid of a hen for being to dominant? If I let them roam the yard, they get over in the woods, and don't come back. Too tough to eat. I want their life to be a good one, but the goal is to have egg laying hens next spring.
When your new ones start laying your older ones won't be so awful to them.
And yes I've really thought I might have to get rid of a hen like that but I held out and gave everyone more time.
It worked out fine, she's still the boss though.;)
Has anyone had to get rid of a hen for being to dominant?
I don't think that is the problem, it takes time to integrate and you may be too impatient. There are different techniques we use for integration, but which ones will work best depends on your circumstances. How old are these chicks? In South Alabama this time of the year weather should not be a big concern except maybe for heat. How much room (in feet) do you have in any coops and runs? How are coops, runs, or shelters tied together, photos can help a lot here. Basically I'm trying to find out what you have to work with. The more we know what you have to work with the more I can make specific suggestions that might actually apply to you.

The easy way would be to remove your hen and rooster, that gets rid of any integration issues. I would not fault you if you went that direction. That is your choice but it's probably not your only one.

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