Getting repetitive error messages in sending?

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  1. bargain

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    "There was a problem submitting this to the server. Please try again."

    It occurred once while replying with a photo this morning to me at 6:39 am , 6:41 am and again at 6:43 am. So I tried again each time and apparently it sent three messages to the recipient.

    Apparently then all three of the messages released over at 7:52 am. so the person to whom I replied has three meages.

    Then I had a problem again, same error in replying to another sender. Since I was conscious of multiple sendings. I just ignored the message and opened byc in yet another window and it had already sent.

    Is this happening because of phone acces. I never have this before. I am on firefox . and it's EST! Thanks!
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    Were you on mobile or desktop?
  3. Nifty-Chicken

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    That can sometimes be a problem with JavaScript, so try clearing your cache and let us know if it continues

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