Getting through Winter...


Mar 11, 2018
Looks like winter is completely here. I was out there working and it was like a mini tornado came through, followed by snow. It changed so fast, the chickens freaked out and were running everywhere. I put them all in their coop and the ducks in their house because branches were falling. I was afraid for them.

So now with Sunny gone(she was the leader and life of the party), the pool almost empty and the ground to frozen to drill for bugs--they look completely lost. I don't know what to do for them. On Halloween my son is coming by and the pool will be down and an outside shelter made out of pallets with hay will be put up.

Will they be ok until then? I don't plan on putting hay in their house. That is flax bedding and I want to add more of that.

Is there anything I can add for them to cheer up and interact with? I don't want them getting into trouble out of boredom.i feel bad for them.

I thought about bringing them in and letting them swim in the bathtub but the change from cold to hot and vice versa scares me.

Today's weather change was rough and I'm not liking it at all.


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Jul 16, 2015
They will get used to a new slower routine, and a different weather. The change over is a bit hard to get used to. I still let my muscovy bathe all winter. Mine sit around more during winter. Not much to do but wait until spring. I think some people toss out peas as treats mine like scratch in winter.

I use rubber bowls and pans in winter for ducks to dabble in. I break out the ice daily, or top off with warm water.

I personally wouldn't want full grown ducks in my house, but to each their own.


Mar 17, 2018
Shenandoah Valley
Its going to be 29 here tonight and the wind has been crazy. this is my first year with ducks so not sure yet how our duck routine is going to be impacted by this cold. Hopefully they can swim tomorrow. I read somewhere about putting mealworms in a Kong treat ball and the ducks will play with it for hours. Maybe fun to try

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