Getting young chickens to start laying


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May 22, 2011
I have artifical Easter eggs that I want to use as decoy eggs. Will the chickens respond to the bright colors when they aren't the color of their natural eggs?
You can use any color eggs as decoys. Hens don't care. I use white golf balls for my (mostly) brown egg layers. The problem you may run into with the plastic easter eggs is that they are too lightweight. The hens will kick them out of the boxes routinely making you go

You can fill them with something like sand and glue them shut, buy ceramic eggs to use or golfballs.

Believe it or not I am using chalk Easter eggs because they were only ones left of the holiday. they will be heavy enough an about the right size, thanks. AWC
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Do what you will- the only thing that will get your chickens to lay is maturity and patience.

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