Given up for dead

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    Background info: We have 3 hens & a rooster in our coop. Plus, this spring we added 6 pullets in an area that was fenced off from the older crowd for their safety. Inside the basement, we've been raising 20 chicks.

    Friday the house chicks were ~ 4 weeks, flying out of the box so I decided it was time to move them out to the coop. We thought we had the fenced off area secure enough, but when my son went to lock them up that night, four were missing. We looked but it was dark, we have 5 acres, no sign or sound of them. I was distraught. Saturday when I went to check on them before bed, there were 17 chicks- one had returned! Sunday, we were up to 19! Hooray! Only one missing. I figured that was pretty good considering how cold it's been and that they'd been loose over a few nights. Today, my neighbors bring over this chick they found hiding in their garage. All 20 are accounted for!!! I can't believe it! [​IMG]
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    Terrific news! Hope you have a coop you can secure them in during the night......[​IMG]

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