Glorious almost spring day


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Southern IL
It is starting to green up here in southern illinois and was about 65 here today and the grass is really starting to grown in the yard. It was so nice to let the girls out today and they actually got to eat some real greens for a change. It is so wonderful to have some warmer weather finally after such a cold winter.
I know some of you are still under ice and snow so I won't gloat too much. The sun felt good on my face though......just saying
It hit 81 here today and I've got to pull the lawnmower out tomorrow. My chickens just LOVE grass clippings.
Corn is coming up, some of the peas are blossoming, little tomatoes on the tomato plants.... yup, almost spring.
I can't wait for nicer spring weather. It's only in the high 30s right now but last week it was 60 out and the sky was blue and the sun felt so nice. March is always crazy here and the possibility of getting any more of that white stuff is quite real. I hope that doesn't happen.

It must be nice Mahonri, to see tomatoes starting already! Darn.

Flowerchild - how do you keep those tasty hostas from the chickens? Those were the first to go in my yard.
I have had chickens off and on for 40 years, just really didn't have them for the past 8 years or so when my hosta addiction really took off and I bought so many hostas the past decade or so.... I plan to keep them locked up til about an hour before sundown and let them forage a litttle. They have a enormous run and I plan to put the garden by the chickens so I can toss things to them readily. I also have access to boxes of veggie trimmings from a local produce mart that I give them several times a week.
Pretty nice here too. Tulips have poked up this week, grass is greening up, snow is gone....what??? The weather man says more snow Monday.
Enjoy today and tomorrow.

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