Goats and pigs for underbrush

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10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
So we have about 3 acres acres of underbrush where someone timbered out 2-3 years ago and there is some underbrush about 2 foot high and we would like to have it cleared out for a cow..So my question is will be able to have goats come in first and eat all the underbrush/roughage? and then have pigs come in and root it up???

Actually if you just keep goats on it a while they will clean it up. The like the underbrush but don't really care for grass so unless you overstock they will leave the grass to grow while cleaning the underbrush.
For 3 acres you will need alot of goats, or a way to keep them contained in a small area at a time. If not they will nibble here, nibble there and not make a huge noticable dent in the underbrush. Also if this area is fenced for cattle, it probably won't hold a goat. Remeber if your fence won't hold water it won't hold a goat
Ive wanted to do this where we have blackberry bushes over taking. My SO says the pig idea is a big fat NO!

I still have my goats though!

I keep mine in GREAT with 5 foot welded wire fencing. The girl at TSC said they will pop the wires but mine have never even attempted to

Im going to be moving them to 4 foot but honestly Im kinda nervous about that
If you have proper fencing, what about renting goats. Someone may have goats that could use better grazing/browsing.
The pigs will definetly root it up for you. I have pot bellieds and they do a great job of turning over my garden in the fall. They will get into an area like the one you mentioned and root and eat the left behind tree roots.
As mentioned, work in smaller areas until it is cleared then move on to the next. Good Luck and take pictures of your progress.
I hope you don't move your goats to a shorter fence with your goat killing dog around.

Oh - and just read what you wrote about your cat going outside "My biggest fear is sometimes the neighbors dogs run loose".

I would REALLY not want to put your goats in a shorter fence for that reason as well.
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Do people really rent out goats? If there is no fence can the goats be on a long tie out? Are they rented out by day, week, ?

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