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    I haven't had any luck with the 2 breeds i have had so I have to clean out my pen we made the mistake by ordering from Cackle Hatchery I am here to tell yall folks DON'T BUY from them all of my 35 Light Brahma's & 3 Roosters were doing good until they got around 3-4 months old then one took sick & it died & it spread like a brush fire i had built me a brand new Chicken House & Pen & now that sickness now my entire coop i have to clean up all of the dropping & spray the entire coop that's what i got from buying from Cackle Hatchery i sure do wish i hadn't ordered from them

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    I am sorry about your losses. That being said, this does not sound like a matter related to the hatchery, but rather something contracted after the fact, given the age of the birds at the time of loss. What symptoms did the birds display? Knowing the symptoms will help in diagnosing the likely cause (don't suppose you had a necropsy performed on any of the birds, did you?) which will also help in what steps would be needed to assure future birds brought in are not exposed and contract (different illnesses have different times in which they remain active).
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    You posted several times last October about losses you were having with your Brahmas, Giants and sex links. This being one of them.


    On that thread you stated you were feeding 3 month old chicks layer feed. Although asked for further information you didn't describe any symptoms, duration until death, whether or not you had sent any out for a necropsy, contacted the state avian vet, and so on. Members did advise you layer feed was unsuitable for young chicks and that may very well be the cause of your problems. It could also be something in the feed, or some pathogen located on your location. That isn't the hatchery's fault.
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