Gold Laced Orpington, Blue laced Orpington, Lemon Cuckoo Orpington, Blue Lace Barnevelder


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Jan 12, 2012
I tried to access my old sign in but could not, so I started a new one I will post some pics here nothing is laying at this time most of what i have is not a year old yet but I feel really good about the way it looks will be auctioning off eggs from all of the breeds listed in the title.

Golden Laced Orpington Hens tail and back.

My Golden laced Orpington Rooster and his gals.

One of my Blue Laced Orpington hens

Closer look at her lacing

My Lemon Cuckoo Trio

Blue Laced Barnevelder Rooster with his girls
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You have any Gold lace chicks or eggs for sale?
Also what line you have,because is not bob fallows.
Let me know if you have some .
Are these project birds? Or did you import these Orpingtons?

I have pure English Blue, Black and Splash Orpingtons. They look like this...

One of my mature Blue hens.

A Splash pullet, around 5 months old.

I would love to know more information about your birds.

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