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Feb 28, 2018
I have a 4 week old chick that I think is a rooster. They seem to be feathering later and his/her feet are larger than the others.
I heard about this thing called the gold ring test. I tried it with any old ring (that was not gold) and it went back and forth.
I tried it on another aggressive chick that was showing no signs of rooster besides aggressiveness and it said they were a girl.
how reliable is the gold ring test? will it work with any plain ring?
pics of chick that ring test said was rooster.


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Hi, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

Well that test has a 50/50 chance of being right. :confused:

But that's a pullet. :old In barred breeds the males get a double dose of the barring gene from their mums... making their white stripes appear twice as wide as the dark ones.

The females will have wider dark stripes. :)
thank you so much. I have another chick that has their white strips already. (also 4 weeks old). do you think that the chick that I thought was a rooster could have problems because she has not white strips? or is she just a different color?

by the way, I'm 11 and these are my first batch up chickens that I own on my own.

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