Golden Laced Wyandotte - m or f?


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Jun 20, 2022
I have a mixed breed flock of what should be cockerels, but one of my golden laced wyandottes looks different from the others. I am wondering if it might be a pullet. They are just over 7 weeks old. I tried to snap a cpl photos next to one i know is a cockerel (foreground) Any opinions?
A photo would be necessary to help, but in general - pullets will have smaller combs and wattles with less color (pale) at this age. It's a bit easier in older chicks, but cockerels will usually have thicker legs, and skinny/pointy feathers starting around their neck and saddle areas. Pullet feathers are all rounded on the ends.
The top picture is the one i am curious about. The bottom picture is a cockerel with the mystery bird behind it

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