Golden sexlink rooster? Hen?


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5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
Well we bought our chicks this year and and I'm worried "Goldie locks" (golden sexlink) is a he. Any help would be great
Gold Link hens are supposed to be yellow and gold.. but from what I can tell from this picture is there is no gold on the chick. So I would say your Goldie Locks will be a rooster. I'm not totally sure so if I were you I'd wait for other opinions to get a final answer.
Do you have any other pictures?
ok now that I can see the whole body that's better. I still think the chick could be a rooster because of the white coloring.. I think the hens should have at least a little gold coloring at the base of the neck on their backs. here is a helpful link: (the Gold Links will be listed in this article as Golden Comets. They can have many names such as Golden Buffs or Gold Stars)
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! How old is the chick, it has a lot of comb from the pictures and is is white for any of the sex links.

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