Gone game fowl.

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    Mar 26, 2016
    I've recently decided to downsize my flock from 10 LF hens and a rooster, and switch to a small flock on Old English game bantams. I think I've made my mind up on ginger red game bantams. Any advice on the breed?

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    Jul 19, 2015
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    All I can say is that I love my game bantams. You can have so much variety in just the one breed. Be prepared to have broodies, though, and have a plan in mind for what you'll want to do about it (hatch eggs or learn to "break" them).

    To me, they are friendly and beautiful with just the right amount of "flightiness" to be predator savvy. I am not a huge egg eater, so I'm okay that they only lay a half sized egg. They make great hard boiled snacks. :)

    ETA I don't have any ginger red but I do have a red pyle cockerel and for pullets I have a silver duckwing, a mille fleur, a black breasted red, and I have some spangled and crele on the way this month.
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