Good God, the flies!!


6 Years
Feb 24, 2013
State of Constant Confusion
The other day, I put my chicks outside (in a big wire dog crate) for the very first time. It's been a long cold winter and spring is a little late here.
The next day, my man and I moved the giant chain link dog run across the yard so we can get started covering it and reinforcing the bottom. As we walked over to where the chicks had been playing the day before, we realized we were kicking up dozens and dozens of tiny houseflies that were buzzing around on the shavings they had kicked out of the bucket!!

What gives here? The birds had been out playing for three hours the day before and suddenly I'm infested??

I have picked up a couple of fly traps at the farm and barn store, but I wonder..
What do all of you do for flies? I mean, outside of keeping the coop clean?
I don't even have a coop yet and I already seem to have a problem. My neighbors are gonna love me...
I use diatomaceous earth in the feed and the bag fly traps. I hang the traps in the garage nearby. This combination seems to work well.


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