good idea. or no? piercing question...


10 Years
May 26, 2009
who wants to know?
i want my nose pierced. i've wanted it done. im thinking about doing it myself..
yay or nay?

also, those of you that remember my Belly Button piercing issue, its done WAY better since i started putting neosporin on the bar and then putting it back in

every now and then i'll get a crusty or two LOL
the nose area is really thick, it will hurt if you do it yourself w/o a peircing needle

it's fast and painless at the tattoo shop, just a few tears in the eyes

peircings are cool because you can take them out when you don't want them anymore
Kenny dont do it. ive had so many problems with my nose peircing its not worth it.
they get infected to easily, once they are infected... it keeps happening.... and there is a risk of your sinuses getting infected from it. and they catch on EVERYTHING... towels... pillow cases.. shirts... and u have to sleep with a bandaid on ur nose for the first couple of months at night time. ugh im taking mine out once the current infection goes away

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O.e i looked it up on Google. its probly gonna be a noo...i dnt wanna mess up me nose D:

Good choice youngster. My daughters nose is ALWAYS red in that area. Not pretty!
look up staph infection, then loo at the pics, a common place that bacteria lives is in your nose, why take a chance at gettin that by putting a uselees wound on your face ?
i got ways of getting ahold of needles :3 and Nic: i trust you. MORE then i trust some of my friends that live round here.. which i probly wouldnt trust anyway...and sometimes i wonder why i hang out with them... but they are very entertaining..WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!?
Absolutely NOT a good idea. If you screw up, there's gonna be a scar. On your face.

I got my nose pierced back in college in SOHO of NYC. It was a pretty shady establishment as I'm not quite sure they sterilized all of their piercing/tattooing equipment. But it cost only 20 big ones, and to a broke college student it was the greatest deal ever. It hurt a little bit, which was to be expected considering a 20 gauge needle is being shoved through a layer of nerve-infused flesh, but after it healed it looked pretty darn good if you ask me.

Anyhoo, please go to a professional. So many things can go wrong in that scenario! It will hurt a lot less, it'll look better, and infections are nasty things to deal with.

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