Good Ideas for a 25 Bird Cold Climate Coop

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Building a coop and raising chickens will be a great school project!

In addition to the forum link you've been given, under the Articles tab at the top you'll find an entire section on coops built by members. A lot of them have good instructions, material lists, photos, etc.

Best of luck and if you have questions, always feel free to ask!
I use tarps to cover the run in winter. Keep the bitter winds and snow out. Dry chickens are happier and healthier.
Deep bedding in the run helps too.
The size of your coop depends on how many you plan to keep. Over crowding leads to a multitude of problems you just don’t want or need.
I think the biggest mistake is having too many birds in too small of a space. So consider space per bird then double what you think you’d need.
Your students will love chickens! There is so much to learn. The more you know the more you realize you have much more to learn. They’re absolutely fascinating.
Best wishes to you and your endeavors. You just might spark a passion in some young minds. Let’s hope so.
Welcome to BYC! I'm sure your school will enjoy having chickens! 25 chickens is quite a large number, you will need to construct a very large coop.
As a general rule, chickens need 8 square feet of run space per bird.
That adds up fast when you have 25.
Wishing you luck!

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