Goodbye to Little Sister


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May 11, 2010
Little Sister proved size didn't matter
She ruled the flock with a flap and clatter
Feisty and mean she was first to the platter
Only to run and play 'Let's Scatter!'
Enter her coop and she'd tell you right quick
You better have food or she'd give you a flick
Although she was not a lap chicken and could be kinda mean
She will always be remembered as my little black queen

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I've been away from BYC for a while dealing with life issues... ughhh!! I came to browse the forum today to see what I have missed. I am so sorry for the late reply, but I had wanted to express my condolences to you. I've enjoyed reading about Little Sister's antics, along with the rest of your flock.

She is in a wonderful place now where all good chickens go when it is time to go home. I am sure that Stan was there to greet her with open wings.

I am truly sorry for your loss theoldchick. Hugs and prayers to you
So very sorry for your loss. Been there too many times like this for me and more are coming. Too horrible to think of never having them, though, isn't it? She, like the ones of mine who've gone on to that Great Roost in the Sky, will be sorely missed.

I love that last picture. She looks like she's on her throne up there.

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