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    So yesterday I'm sitting at my desk when a co-worker walks in and hands me a warm goose egg.

    Seems the Canadian goose that sets her nest in a barge pole every year hatched her clutch and they all swam away yesterday. Last year she had 2 eggs hatch late and this same co-worker took the orphans home, raised them, and set them on his pond.

    This year there were 2 eggs left, but one didn't 'feel right'. It was a yolker. But the other was holding heat and 'felt solid', so he gave it to me. I have chicken eggs in the bator due to hatch Mon & Tues.

    I kept the egg in my toasty warm car the rest of the afternoon, and candled it when I got home last night. Couldn't see movement, but that egg is packed full!

    I can't really jack up the humidity in the bator this early. Don't want to hurt my chickers, since I'm hatching these for 3 different friends.
    Think I should wet the goose egg every so often?
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    I dont know but I am shure someone will goodluck

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