Gorgeous tame huge Ameraucana Wheaten roosters for sale adams county pa


13 Years
Jan 15, 2007
south central PA
I am forced to find homes for these boys we lovingly call the three stooges. These are standards and they are large, but very docile. They follow you around like little doggies. I just hate to do this, but I have to find homes for at least two of them. I also have a few other ameraucana roos, but they are not as nicely colored as these boys. They turned 2 this year. I would like to sell these boys asking 12 each make an offer please if interested.

Looking for a good breeding home for these guys, THESE ARE NOT MEAT CHICKENS!!!!
Here is a photo of my boys. They are tame, so thus by the time I took the picture, they had done crowded me!! LOL!

Two of them have really large beards and muffs. The pea combs are also a little on the big side however they all have a wonderful temperament. As you can see, they are wheatens.

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