Gosling Turkey? LOL


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May 28, 2017
Cloquet, MN
So I know everyone is here to help one another but I thought I'd post something fun.

So one of our turkeys ended up being a Tom and is prancing around the yard after our hens and the other turkey hen. Our goslings are only 5 weeks old compared to the majority of the flock of birds we have who are almost all 8+ weeks. This one gosling has now started to prance around just like the Tom! It's so cute and amusing, she tries to stick her wings downward like he does and has her head pulled back like a Tom would when he's strutting!

I'll try to get a good picture later of her in the strut she's doing, but here's the turkey she's mimmicking and a side view of Fwooper. (Yes she is the one who had the lump under her beak. It's gone!)

Gracie! (yes we originally had ordered 2 hens, but obviously she's a he lol!)

Fwooper! (center, her sisters are in front and back of her, and 2 ducks are there too)

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