Gosling with partially unabsorbed, probably infected yolk sac


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A warning to those who are squeamish - the picture is a little gross. I have a gosling who was due to hatch Friday, April 4th and didn't. I know they can take longer so I let it go. Then it internally pipped a few days later and 48 hours passed without an external pip so I pipped it. That was about five days ago and it had done nothing since. Yesterday, three goslings I set a week after it successfully hatched, and I figured it was time to go in and see what was going on. I found this:


I've carefully tucked it back into the egg, but this is what I'm dealing with. The remaining unabsorbed yolk is a disgusting green and smells awful. I'm fairly sure it's infected. Do I let it go and see if the rest absorbs? Cut it off? Does the gosling even have a chance? Its eyes aren't quite right either but I'm trying to treat that with some erythromycin I have. Any and all advice is appreciated.
He passes away :( It's what I expected, though. Not sure there was much I could have done.
Sorry for your loss... Sounds like infection was raging, so I think you're right, nothing could have been done, but at least you tried. FWIW, I recently lost two ducklings to yolk sack infections that were confirmed by necropsy at UC Davis. Both had e. Coli that was sensitive to baytril, so now if I have one that's had a ruff hatch or an angry looking umbilicus, it gets a small drop of Baytril for 3-5 days.


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