Got my new silkies! What colors are they??


6 Years
Feb 26, 2013
Sioux Falls, SD
I ordered 8 silkies and 5 frizzles from ideal poultry. I ended up with 10 silkies and 6 frizzles. I have a black rooster silkie and a white rooster silkie in the coop already so I want some different colors! What colors do you think I have? 1- I'm guessing blue or black. 2- hoping buff 3- partridge? He's a noisy one!! Kids named him peep. 4- white? 5- red? I REALLY want a splash...but not sure what those chicks look like. Pretty much got two of each I took pics of. Here is a pic of all my new babes! The frizzles are in there as well.
Yup, that looks right!
the last pic ( birds eye view) looks like the dark ones are definatly blue, the yellow chicks are white, and the bown dark yellow is buff, and the brown striped are partridge :) you have some nice colours there.Do you know which ones exactly are frizzle?

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