Got some assorted bantys today!! not totally sure what kind. Pic Hvy

CA Bean

11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
Central Coast -California
Hi, I am so excited to find some very cute Bantys! They are soo tiny and cute but the place I got them from said assorted Bantams. I don't know much about Bantams, I am just getting into them so I need some help. Seems like they order from Ideal and/or Privett as I saw posters on the wall. Checked the site out but still confused.

The tiniest red frizzle? Frizzle what though?

Blk bantam Cochin?

I have no clue but this one is sooo cute and is about my fave! Will she/he stay grey/blue?

Supposed to Mille Fleur ( d'uccle?) have 2 in the bunch 1 is older.

Group of all with some Salmon Faverolles( standard I hope) and GlW but they look like glw bantams(?)(right?) and my other white frizzle something.
Thanks for looking!
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