Govee Thermometer/Hygrometer

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Mar 30, 2020
Hello all!

Who has used the mini Bluetooth Govee thermometer/hygrometer for a double check in their incubator? Are they accurate? Do they work well for incubation? I have ordered two and they are arriving on Monday.

If you do use them, how did you calibrate them?

You can calibrate it with:

- Humidity: SALT + plastic bag: Take a plastic stopper from any bottle and fill it with salt and throw only a few drops of water that are completely absorbed by the salt, but there is no water left over. You put it together with the goove in an airtight zippered plastic bag and leave it for 8 hours. After 8 hours the goove should report 75% humidity. What deviates from that 75% is what you need to adjust in the goove calibration.

-Temp: ICE: You need a glass, crushed ice and water. You must put the govee in an airtight bag. Fill half a glass of crushed ice and put a splash of very cold water, put the goove inside the bag in the center of the glass (so that the top of this bag is outside the glass so that no water enters), fill in the holes that They are with more crushed ice until everything is completely covered and put a little cold water back. You can discard the excess water after throwing it away. You will see that the temperature begins to drop until a time comes when it will not drop any further, the deviation will be what differs from 32 F or 0C just at the moment it begins to rise.

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