Granny's gone and done it again


We will get through this... together!
Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
I think not being back to normal has it's own set of very serious problems as well... depression, drug abuse, overdose, untreated medical conditions, domestic violence, suicide, child abuse, hunger... all have increased with the shut downs. And of course it's much harder on poor people and for those whose jobs have dried up. Kids not being in school means that those who don't have parental support or internet service are not able to keep up and kids with disabilities are really falling behind and many are now at risk.
There's a trade off for everything.
You make good points. I was thinking of those people who can't live without their beer bashes and rock concerts and beach parties, elbow to elbow, wall to wall, hundreds of people, no masks, super spreader events that are driving up the numbers of deaths and just don't care. There has to be a way to make this work for everyone. If we ALL make SMALL sacrifices, we can make it through. I know we can.


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May 7, 2012
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I had to start a new depression med. when this mess started and truth be told Robert could use one. He is so very stubborn though. He is one that will fall through the cracks no matter how hard I coach him.
He still getting along with the new worker?

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Sep 26, 2013
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He still getting along with the new worker?
He told me he didnt feel comfortable going out with him. I dont know why. They put a model car together and I know Robert didnt like it but they are waiting for another in the mail. Cant buy them in the stores here.


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Feb 1, 2010
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I still havent started draining this tank. Why must everything be such a chore ? I cant dump it down the drains with all them snails in it. Its cold outside. And Im a whole lot of lazy. Wish I had some help w/ this. I cant use the hose because Robert is sure the cats will get out and too cold to leave the door opened. NOT valid reasons IMO But sometimes its easier to not argue the point that the cats can be locked in a room and I have to open the door to dump anyway.
Frustrating to say the least.
Don't feel bad, I still have not drained the 10 gallon tank.

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