Graphic-HELP! White looking, long membrane hanging from vent!


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Does anyone know what this could be? I picked her up and her butt seemed kind of wet but some of my buff orps are always dirty on their hind ends. Then I noticed this thing hanging from her. I'm not really sure if she's been laying recently or not. I have 8 b/o's who are about to turn 1 year old on April 1st. Please tell me they'll all make it to 1.

The last photo is kind of blurry but I wanted to show it coming out of her vent. I'd say it's about 4.5 inches in length.




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I was thinking it looked like a worm at first, but a tapeworm that long would have segments that you could make out. I'm thinking it's a membrane from a shell-less egg, maybe her egg making parts aren't working right. I would deworm your flock.

I would try to gently tug on it to see if it gives at all. If not, cut the bottom off so she doesn't step on it and pull it too hard, you don't want her to hemorage if it's attached somewhere. Try putting some olive oil in her vent to lube things up in there.
That's a tape worm.
I just pulled one out of my cats backside about a week ago. Wazine won't get tapes, but Ivermectin will. I can't remember the dosages off hand, but it's on here somewhere if you do a search.

ETA: When a tape worm is expelled like that and not in segments it's because it died for some reason. The segments aren't as easy to make out on the dead ones and they're not as firm as when only a segment comes out. It's a tape worm 99.9% sure.
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Tapeworm. I can see the segments in the first picture.

I can't remember what type of wormer kills tapes in chickens but it's not ivermectin. I'm sure there will be a couple of threads on this forum on how to treat for them. I'll go look...
OMG! Do you really think it's a tapeworm? That's so disgusting! Ivermectin - huh? Now where do I get that?
BTW, thanks for all the replies, didn't mean to sound like I am ungrateful, just worried.
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