grass clipping from mown lawn


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Jun 15, 2011
Nova Scotia
I have read here a few times that you all put your grass clippings from mowing your lawn in your runs for your chickens. Is that ok? The grass is coming into contact with oil and gas from your mower... wouldn't that be bad for them? I thought you could but hubby says no... just wondering what you all do? thanks
We have always. Have never had an issue with it. had to keep the ducks in a semi-muddy area for a bit, so I covered the ground with clippings, which they loved. It attracted the bugs and they were entertained by mulling around in it.
Exactly. A lot of "people food" is harvested by machines that run on oil and gas, too.

FWIW, I throw a load or two of grass clippings into the run about every other time I mow, and the chickens love it, and are quite healthy.
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When I mow, the first bag or two goes to the chickens. Mine LOVE it! In less than 5min, that neat, tall pile is strewn from one end of the run to the other. As I mow, I see crickets, grasshoppers, and spittle-bugs hopping out in front of the mower. No doubt a number of those end up in the bagger with the clippings - treats for the girls to find in the clippings!

The only time I avoid putting clippings in there is if I have recently treated for weeds or insects. I'll wait a week or two, or until we've had a good rain to be sure there isn't the danger of passing the chemicals on.

We did this the last time we mowed and the gals just loved it! We had such long grass that we had enough to cover the whole run. I thew some scratch into the mix and I think I saw them leaping for joy.

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