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I am in a rut and need some ideas
You know how you can end up making the same thing over and over? I want to use the grill all next week so as not to heat up the house so I need some good recipes. We have the Big Green Egg so we can roast, smoke, grill or make pizzas outdoors. give me your best grilling recipes, my friends.
We do it simple - chicken kabobs (chicken, veggies of choice) and some grilled yellow squash. Marinate the kabobs in Italian salad dressing for a few hours and simply drizzle olive oil on the squash. Don't forget s'mores!
Thanks, we just had pork tenderloin done up in shish kabobs with veggies. I guess we can just try chicken, etc. kabobs. LOL Don't care for s'mores
Thanks Kim, we grill veggies a lot but ran out of ideas for meat...oh, the fish sounds awesome. Can't wait to try them. We love roasted potatoes with rosemary but never have done them on the grill, now that is the kick-start I needed.
We must be related! I thought I was the only one who did not care for s'mores - waste of good food to me!
I like all the makings - just NOT put together.

We like beer can chicken on the grill - either with beer or pop or juice. DH is a fantastic grill master - plus a great dutch oven chef.
Ha, we may be! I am not a big fan of graham crackers. Even cheesecake, I prefer a cookie crust and not the graham cracker crusts, nor the cherry topping, just give me the New York Style. LOL
I planned on a beer can chicken today but think I will use Kim's idea for pesto sauce as baste.
Perhaps brine it first as I have never done that either. Keep your fingers crossed ! Now I can't wait for this afternoon to start all this.
I just did oysters on the grill. Just tossed 'em on, and when they started opening I opened them all the way and added a little dark beer to them. Finished them on the plate with a brush of melted butter. Ohhhh, they were SOOO good. Another favorite is to cook salmon on the grill wrapped in foil with butter, lemon, and brown sugar(sometimes we alternate with other herbs and spices instead of the sugar). You can also make dessert packets on the grill, by wrapping cubed up apples, butter, a little lemon juice, a little brown sugar, and a cube or two of caramel in foil packets. When they are done top them with whipped cream, or use them as a topping for vanilla ice cream. Flat iron steak is another grilling favorite. Marinate in your favorite marinade(we like the Grill Mates marinades real well for their ease of use and flavor), toss on the grill, a couple minutes on each side, and slice thin on the diagonal - MMMmmmm - juicy, tender, and full of flavor. One last favorite, is seared Ahi. I could eat that with the oysters all night long. LOVE it!!! Though, Ahi is really one fish you don't want to over cook - or else it is dry and gross. Sear it, and then eat it. Almost tastes like steak.
Thank you, I have looked at the flat iron steak in the store but didn't know how to cook it so never bought any. Now I will!!! We will skip the oysters though
We don't live where we could get fresh oysters anyway. We like salmon on the grill but never had Ahi nor seen any around here....mid country. Thanks for the steak recipe and I agree, I like the Grill Mates, too.

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