Grow your own poultry feed

Noodleroo, your article on taming chickens was helpful, thankyou for taking the time to post it.
Sure do
Mother Earth News.

Sure I do some of those things. My birds get sprouts twice a day. I grow or collect many vegetables and let them freeze outside. (We rarely get above freezing from November till April). I give the birds scrap from deer carcases and the birds free range.

I have considered growing flax or sunflowers, have attempted Quinoa. But I find it "cheaper" to buy grains such as wheat and oats.

I am not a row crop farmer, so cover cropping is not something I do. We have large tracts of old growth forest that is just teeming with forage from May through September. (The rest of the year is my problem.)

Nurseronda; you are most welcome; I'm glad you found the taming info useful. I love my animals and want everybody to have sweet, loving pets - if they want them that way, of course.

and ON; I really like Mother Earth News, too; lots of good stuff to learn. I don't know how you guys in the North handle the cold. Our winter is over down here and everything is starting to bud out. I have not thought of growing anything for the chickens besides greens! They will share with me, of course. I haven't been in the mood to make bread from my soft wheat that I make Rejuvelac with, so I've been giving it as treats to my chickens. They absolutely love it; sprouted and slightly fermented wheat! Much cheaper for me to purchase the grains, too. I'm planting by the moon so I'll be busy in the next few weeks. I have lots of medicinal plant seeds to start and my herbs, of course. I'm moving everything so we'll see how it goes. If we can just avoid a tornado this year, I think it'll be great!

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