Growling Chickens..... :lol:


11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
Greenbrier, Arkansas
MY Cuckoo Marans are now a year old they're laying nicely, I've opened the coop and let them free range have for months now.

Its funny they like to hang around the front porch, and you can hear them out there. They've been listening to other animals. Sometimes they almost crow, other times they sound like they're mimicking the dogs and growling.

Its a sight to see, and hear them.

I started out with 17 chicks, lost 9 to a dog, (I let her live she has never bothered them again) I lost some others and really have no idea where they went. So I've got 3 roos and 5 hens. It was 4 roos, and we culled one as he was just mean. Another I gave away.

The fellow I gave a rooster to has some other cocks we're not supose to talk about here, and he said my maran put the bird we're not suppuse to talk about in his place. The Roo I gave him now is the Cock of the Walk at his place.

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