Guide GUIDE: How to fix not getting alerts for watched threads

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    If you're subscribed to a thread, but find that you are not receiving alerts for new posts in the said thread, there is a solution to this problem that I have found to work on at least one occasion.
    I cannot guarantee that this solution will work for everyone, but I haven't seen any other solutions to date, so it's what I have to offer :)
    To resolve the issue:
    Clear your browser cache.
    Instructions on how to do so on both mobile and PC for common browsers is located here

    On Chrome, click the three dots in the top right corner --> Settings --> Advanced --> History --> Clear Browsing History

    Find this option
    and select clear data

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    Thanks! I've noticed lately I was getting fewer alerts (the lightning bolt) on mobile devices but was able to see them in the watched threads section. I'm really wondering if part of my issue was having multiple pages up on multiple devices.
  3. JonnieN

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    Jan 15, 2019
    Thank you!
    I'm new and I haven't received any alerts from my first post. When I looked I had 24 replys. Oops!

    Thank you!
    Jonnie Diann
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