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    Mar 5, 2012
    I am getting some guinea that will be 3 weeks old when I get them (couple more weeks). We are turning an older chicken coop into a new coop/run just for the guinea. Can they go out in that at this age, or do they need to still be in a box w/light etc? The pen will be completely covered so they won't be able to fly out or anything. They are also the French (big) guinea's. I've got chickens and ducks, but this is our first time with Guinea's - hoping they will keep my garden clean of grasshoppers and such.
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    3 week old guineas still need at least 80 degree temperature. When they are 6 weeks old the they can be put into an unheated coop unless the nights are really cold. Check out the Learning Center, other poultry forum, for more information about young guineas. [​IMG]
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    Over run is correct- rule of thumb is to start with a spot that is 90 degrees and reduce by 5 degrees per week until at least 6 weeks. If you have a large enough coop, you can set your light for that 90 degree and the babies will find their comfort zone- just make sure the coop is large enough for them to find that area and not so small they can not find the right, cooler temp.

    Good luck with them. Make sure you keep them cooped long enough that they learn where "home" is!
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    Ok thank you! I have been reading about them, and we decided to use a big tool box my husband has and put them in the green house until they are feathered out (then they go into their coop). The greenhouse stays warm all day, and then we'll use a heat lamp for night.
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    I've had 4 week olds in unheated coop in the UK, about 20 degrees Celsius and they were fine

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