Guinea fowl with babies


12 Years
Jan 18, 2008
I will sometime in the next few days! LOL! Damselfish is going to be a co-Grandma with me. Her little female she gave me is sitting on about 24 eggs! I am sure the ones that are left are fertile and growing, because last week she cleaned out her nest of all the rotten ones.
I had no idea what she was doing! I just saw her jump off the nest, carrying an egg and she ran as fast as she could and threw it over the gate. I thought she was eating her eggs, but when I looked, it was black.

I just checked her and none were hatching. She is right at 3 weeks, tomorrow.



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Mar 8, 2008
Southwest Missouri
Hmm, where is the co-grandma dance smiley?

Hi Shelly, that's awesome that you've got one sitting. Ours sat for about 30 days before anything showed up, so don't give up! Shelly you will understand why I made DH be the one to go get rid of the other eggs after she quit sitting. I was afraid I'd hear peeping again & have to haul out the emergency incubation setup!

Here's a pic (or two or three). These were hatched just after Memorial Day weekend...hatched by mama & running around with her ever since. These pics are from last week.

Mama and the most "daddy-like" of the boys check things out before leading the keets away from shelter:

Keets with three adults...the honor guard.

Keep close to mama, now...

Sometimes a keet just needs to sit down.


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May 4, 2008
Southern Illinois
Well at least one of them is still surviving. The white one showed up in the yard today picking clover with the rooster then after a bit she went flying back into the grown up field with the rooster right behind her. I suspect we will be seeing her with babies in the yard in the next week or two.


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Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
awww! i can't wait! we have 2 pairs, they seem to rotate so the hens show up in the evening for a little while- they were nesting up above the house and last week moved to another area, so not sure whats up with that, this is their first year-

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