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    Apr 1, 2008
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    Woo-hoo I just talked my parents into getting some guinea keets. I talked them into it by saying: you raise them for 5 or so weeks then you can release them and they don't need much care after that. They still weren't happy about the idea but then I said they will eat the ticks. I know guineas can forage for them selves and I told my parents them they could use a small shelter maybe like a 3x4 for 3 guineas and a waterer. The shelter would allow them to free range and would probably not have a front. Would I need to supply them with food or will they eat the bugs and ticks for the winter I would bring them in the garage or something. But I tld my mom they were kind of like wild birds and don't need much care as adults. Am I right?
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    TX parents like them because they eat snakes hen just started laying eggs!!
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    My guineas free range. They get water from the pond and forage all day eating whatever it is they eat. However, I do throw out a handful of cracked corn everyday just to give them something different and to make sure they stay here and not my neighbors.
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    We talked about this in PM last night.

    At 5 weeks you can't just turn them out. They need to be in a coop and protected for at least 12 - 16 weeks.

    If you turn them out at 5 weeks and expect them to live you are very wrong. They will either be eaten by predators or die from exposure.
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    The Sticks, Vermont
    thanks everyone!!!

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