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    Aug 18, 2008
    Last weekend we bought 2 baby guinneas - I think they're called keets. We don't know if they are male or female yet. I'm told we'll know when they start "talking" at 8 weeks old. Anyway - they are 2 weeks old and they are in their own area in the coop. The main reaason for adding these to our flock is as guinnea guards for snakes.

    My other hens are 4-month Araucana; 3-month Silver Laced Wyandotte; 3-month Barred Rock; 6 week RIR, 6 week Lt. Brahma; 4 week Buff Orpington, 4 week Black Australorp. All of these hens/pullets live together very nicely. The Silver is the boss, but they all get along well.

    We have an 8 x 8 coop with a 16 x 16 chicken yard. We do not let our flock free-range due to our dogs, hawks, etc.

    Now I'm reading about guinnea hens being more aggressive than chickens. I was wondering if I started letting the guinneas out, under supervision, for an hour a day, if the older hens could establish their dominance now for a better relationship down the line?

    I'm also handling the guinneas twice a day to try to get them as tame as possible. They are like little speeding bullets they are so fast!! [​IMG]

    I would appreciate any advise or to hear your experience with these 2 breeds together.

    Thanks so much!!
  2. Once you let them out, forget supervision, they will roam where ever they want to..I haveRIR and my GS has guineas and they roam everywhere but do come home at night but they roost in the top of the trees not the coop.MyRIR stay close tothe house and go into the coop aboutdark. marrie

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