gurgling breathing but otherwise fine


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Nova Scotia
I have a hen that gurgles when she breaths, but only sometimes. Then she seems to clear her throat and is fine for a while. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. None of the others have this sign.
The coop is clean, we change the bedding often with a mixture of clean, dry straw and wood shavings. The coop has a heat lamp which just gives a bit of extra heat, it usually just stays above zero. The coop is built into the corner of the shed with some open air areas above so I think ventilation is pretty good.
We had a mite outbreak that I am treating with vasoline on their legs, but we seem to be gaining control. The gurgling chicken was also the most affected by mites.
All of the chickens, including that one is active, eats, drinks, fights for food. I really hesitate to bring an active, somewhat wild chicken into the house to isolate it!
Any thoughts?
You could catch her and take a really good look at her mouth and throat, see if there is anything unusual going on there. I guess if she was mine, I would leave her with the rest unless her behavior changed, or new symptoms appeared.

ETA--I just saw that you are in the Master Gardener program--good for you! I went through that but I was really bad and didn't do the required volunteer work (too busy with my day job). But it was a great program and very educational.
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