Guy thinks he's getting ripped off...(UPDATED!!!)


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Aug 20, 2008
Las Cruces, NM
Due to Ordinance laws, I am forced to sell some of my Black Star Pullets and cocks. I currently have 25 and am selling 19 of them for 70 dollars locally. They were born in the first week of August and should begin laying in about a month or two I suppose.

The buyer thinks he's getting ripped off and mentioned it but is still going in on the deal. What do you think? Is the price fair? Am I getting short changed, or is he?

Black Stars are typically heavy birds that are good for eating and egg production. Let me know what u think. Thanks!

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I don't think he's getting ripped off. I think he's trying to make you feel bad and lower the price. If he mentions it again I would say fine I have other people interested in them.

Ditto...At 3.68 a bird I think he's getting a bargain. Doesn't even pay for the feed you had to supply for the last 3 months. Don't fall for his pity trip...If he doesn't like the price, he doesn't have to buy them. It shouldn't be hard selling them to someone else for that price.


ETA: Oops, sorry 2 1/2 months
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Buying 19 black star pullet chicks from mcmurry hatchery would cost him 42 bucks plus shipping , at least 15 more , plus you've fed them out for over 2 months for him. He's getting a good deal .
I think your price is too low but if you have to get rid of them, then so be it. I personally think he is trying to rip you off. Just my 2 cents!
Thanks for your assistance all...I think the guy is trying to scam me personally, but he knows absolutely NOTHING about chickens, but has a farm on the other side of town with 36 acres and wants to let them free range. They'll have a good life there, so I don't mind personally and I'm going to tell him how to get started with them and include a few of my hatchlings to boot.

Not a bad deal in my opinion...and I KNOW it would cost more for him to go somewhere else to buy. Its frustrating, and I don't want to give up my chikins, but the law is the law and I don't want the police finding my chicken stash!
If they are dual purpose birds you can hardly buy a whole chicken at the grocery store for under $5 - so yeah, he is getting a bargain and is just trying to get an even 'better' bargain by giving you a guilt trip. Unless you have already told him about including a few hatchlings I wouldn't give him extras. Give him the chickens promised for $70 plus maybe some feed and a written sheet of directions/suggestions etc and let that be that.

I am horribly sorry you have to get rid of your chickens.
That is very sad.
This spring I bought 3 Pullets 8ish weeks of age and paid $10 per bird... Ive sold laying hens up here for $10 a bird.... He should be happy he's paying $70, I'm sure you could of gotten more for them....
I sell my bantam pullets for $10 a piece... if they don't like the price don't buy the birds
The standard sized hens i have sold in the past go for $10-15 depending on if they are laying or not

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