Had to share egg-laying picture


Scribe of Brahmalot
12 Years
May 18, 2009
Okay, we have 14 boxes in 3 different coops. You can see Shadow in the middle coop, pretty much covered by Penny who just couldn't wait (notice the comb showing behind Penny inside the box). Next in line is Frick on the left with a perfectly good box, but it's just not as good as Shadow's. If that isn't enough, Ebony is on the right pacing back and forth waiting for her turn. Go figure!

Nestbox fights make me laugh!

Here's one of my buff hens trying to rush Lil' Bit out of the preferred nestbox with a heavy dose of stinkeye:

I have four boxes and 9 girls--today I had 7eggs in ONE box!!! It's the one with the wooden egg in it. Tomorrow, I am getting three more eggs to go in the others and see if that helps..
Don't you know, THAT nest box is the best one!

Great pictures everyone! My chickens also have a favorite box. And nobody better be in it when my princess light brahma needs to use it.
I have two wonderful nestboxes, and a gorgeous chicken coop. Where do you think all of my hens lay? The floor of the goat barn. Where do you think they sleep? Yup, in the goat barn.

I do have a goat that likes to sleep in the chicken coop.

That is so sticken funny. Why is it these girls pile up in one nest???? Warmth? Mine do it too!I see them standing in line on the ramp. I think I might get a number system going... they can just pull the numbered slip out with their little beaks.
Aren't they funny? I have 6 boxes for 13 chickens and they use 2, sometimes 3. One day I found 11 eggs in 1 nest. I've seen them just get in and walk over the one on the bottom. My buff paced back and forth one day. She'd jump up to the nest and back down, then pace, then jump. Finally she gave up and jumped up into their little roosting house, wallowed out a place in the straw, and layed her egg there. Then she jumped back down and strutted around as if to say, "I showed you!"

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