give us ideas someone

i wanna be a vampire..... but mom won't let us be anything dark or evil
I'm being my username. Fun times, running around in a hoodie and shouting 'PK Fiya!'
Since I'm famous for having a duck on my street, I suppose I could wear a duck costume and slip on Sunny's ducky shoes and take her for a walk. xD

Doubt that's going to happen though.
I want to go as:

A slice of pie
A strawberry
A moose
A bar of soap

I don't think you're ever to old to get candy! Or have ridiculous costume ideas.
i am (hopefuly) going as a witch, yay, i hope i go!

Random idea, but dont you think it would be great if us BYCers had a little village somewhere, where all of us lived? Then we wouldent have to ship eggs or chicks to each other, and we wouldent have annoying, anti-animal neiboughs. LOL....i really dont know why i said that

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