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Mar 24, 2015
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In the spirit of Ralphie's Toads I plan on making something similar, Hamsters. I have a big rooster that I think would make a great foundation for meat birds. He's 1/2 Partridge Chantecler, 1/4 Jersey Giant & 1/4 Black Java, with a cushion comb. My plan is as follows.

Current Cockerel to CX = Squirrel
Squirrel to CX = Gerbil
Gerbil to Gerbil = Hamster

That's my plan. No clue if it will work or not but you'll never know unless you try and besides, I've always wanted to incubate Hamster eggs.

This is the rooster I'm going to be using to make my first cross with. No clue how much he weighs but he's heavy.

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Sep 7, 2015
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go hamsters
I am trying this w/ a unknown what mixed roo, over cx .. I got 1 pullet and bred her to her brother... the brother to 3 other hens. a 1/2 BJG, full BR and a 1/2 barred rock... 16 chicks out of these growing now

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