Hand turning Eggs what are you crazy ?? LOL


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Yesterday I had to explain why I couldnt put all my eggs into my bigger incubator. Cause they were like a whole bunch days ahead of my Crele eggs. Well how come you cant do a staggering hatch??? Everyone does it. Then I told them I cant the reason is because I dont have a egg turner



WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT???????????? Yeah I hand turn my eggs. I got a reaction like thats a lost art hahahaa. Seriously am I the only one who hand turns their eggs. I even said yeah I have it timed so I dont miss turning. I dont have a automatic egg turner I guess if I did have one then I could of added those eggs into my bigger incubator. I dont I guess its hard to explain to people that not everyone has a egg turner and do what any momma hen would do. Im not trying to take away from egg turners or those that use them. I just like hand turning my eggs. I hoping that there is someone else out there that does that.
I have a friend who has three VERY large cabinet incubators (2 are taller than I am, one a bit shorter). They are very old, and wooden. And they do not have automatic turners.
Ok, I admit it; I hand turn mine too. We have a really, really old Hovabator that is at least 30 yrs old and still works fine. It is the ugliest thing in the kitchen, but it does a great job when we need it. So yes, at least one more person besides you still hand turns eggs...

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